Thank you for your interest in Katie Belle's Restaurant Club

As you enter Katie Belle's Music Hall, you will be taken back in time to the turn of the 19th century.  Our venue is designed to be a Saloon and Dance Hall.  Charo said, during one of her performances here, "no wonder the shows are called Up Close and Personal, it feels like I'm in your living room".  She hit the nail on the head.  Come on in and you'll agree!

Website Fees
The following fees will be added to the FINAL total of every order based on the STANDARD price of the tickets purchased:   The following fees will ALSO be added to the FINAL total of  every order based on your delivery choice:
$0 to $19.99 $2.50 per ticket   E-ticket printed on your computer $0
$20 to $29.99 $3.00 per ticket   Will Call Pick Up: 30 min prior to seating $2 per order
$30 and up $3.50 per ticket   USPS Priority Mail $10 per order